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How to Make Your Race Day Perfect

BONUS EPISODE  - How to Make Your Race Day Perfect

Part of the MUT Syncrocast Series


We welcome our special guest co-host Eric Whittington to the show.  

Eric is an Army veteran of 10 years, an avid triathlete with 3 Ironman finishes, cyclist, and ultra runner. Eric joins us just 2 days after completing the Mid-West Super Slam.  He was only 1 of 4 finishers this year.  

Before jumping into our round table discussion we talk with Eric about ice cream (Did Andy just invent a new flavor of recovery ice cream?!),  his 5 100 mile finishes this year (Indiana Trail 100, Kettle Moraine 100, Mohican 100, Burning River 100, and the Hallucination 100).   We also discuss the race he directs The 24 Hour Eagle Up Ultra that benefits Team RBW and 23rd Veteran.

We then cover the topics of:  

  • Pre-race traditions/superstitions

  • Fudging on your training plan

  • How to go into a race with the right attitude

  • Recovery Tips

  • The importance of community

  • How to pull yourself out of the suck


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