At one time Stephen Lee weighed 225 pounds, was a smoker and had dangerously high blood pressure. After a blood pressure incident he decided to take control of his health and started hitting the gym. Soon Stephen became bored with gym life and a friend talked him into running a 5K in late 2013. That is all it took and he has never looked back. Since then he has completed 5 halfs, 5 fulls, three 50K's and two 50 Milers along with many 5, 10, and 15K races both road and trail. He is currently training for his first 100 miler in November 2017 at Tunnel Hill.

Stephen is looking forward to pushing himself even farther both in distance and in the difficulty of the races he does. If you tell him that this running thing has gone to his head he will take that as a compliment.

All kidding aside, besides running Stephen has two teenage sons that he has been raising by himself and is very proud that even though they are teenagers, they still enjoy spending time together.



Andy can blame his passion for running on a sinus infection. During a visit to his Doctor he asked if he would join his running group and strangely enough he said “yes”. He was hooked from the start. From 5Ks to 50K’s He has tried them all and keeps going back for more. Andy is a husband, father of two crazy boys, and business owner. Andy loves running the roads, but does get some quality trail time too. Andy sees running more as a lifestyle than an activity and wants to continue running as long as his body allows. Andy is currently working towards lowering his marathon time and would love to qualify for Boston. “It’s a big dream, but running has taught me that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.”

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Crystal did not grow up athletic and almost failed gym.  So everyone was pretty surprised when she signed up for her first race - a half marathon.  She fumbled her way to the finish line (despite not evening know how far it was) and was hooked.  Since then she has run 23 marathons/ultras including the Boston Marathon.  Crystal's current goal is to chase down a 100 mile finish.

Crystal lives in Ohio with her husband, son, and their pet cat Geddy Lee.  

You can follow her adventures on Instagram @seecrystalrun.