A Cut Above The Rest EP11

 What does the body really need to keep going during an endurance event?

Andy and Stephen welcome special guest co-hosts Dr. Scott Black and Dr. Shawn Stasko from SWORD Performance Products to the show.


 We get right into it with the motivation behind creating SWORD.

How Sword differs from other “all you need” sports drinks and the early days in the kitchen developing their first product.


 We asked for questions from our Facebook group and Dr. Scott and Dr. Shawn give some in depth answers to some difficult questions.


 Stephen brings up the 2 hour marathon projects and the boys get into a discussion about the feasibility of breaking that barrier.


 Finally we each give some tips for those that are just getting started on the road to fitness.


  We encourage everyone to check out SWORD Performance Products website, as it contains a wealth of knowledge on what the body needs and how it processes fuel during an endurance event.


  Connect with SWORD on the web:


Website:    http://drinksword.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SwordPerformanceProducts/

Instagram: @sword

Twitter:      @drinksword


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A special thank you goes out to The Ozark Mountain Daredevils for allowing us to use their music on the show.


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